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1. Design Your Personal Plan

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"Move Forward" Workbook

7 days to life giving clarity and direction.

  • Gain new clarity for your next step.

  • Develop direction for the next five year.

  • Focus on the best parts of your life.

  • Energize your passions.

"Wow. Just wow. Was going through the motions as I worked my way through this process and then I was blown away the day I started sharing my thoughts with others (a critical step in the process.) Their affirmations on the insights and direction I was going were so powerful! It was so obvious to them and I seemed to be the last to know where I should take my next chapter! Brilliant process and so very motivational. So clear now that God will meet us in our searching. How easy it is to forget that critical piece. Thank you for this life-changing book. Well done." Amazon review

Ken Blanchard was kind enough to share his “aha” moment in his foreword to my book, Move Forward. " In 2015, I (Ken Blanchard) had one of those crazy experiences where you know it has to be God. I was driving my car, thinking about the transition my church was about to go through when our senior pastor retired. I knew a committee was looking for an interim pastor to lead the church until a new senior pastor was hired. The thought came to me—why don’t you lead it along with Neal and the other ministers? It had to be of God because I would never have come up with this idea on my own. After many meetings and votes of various groups, I found myself working for $1.00 a year, and sitting around a table with four pastors and ministers."


The individual discovery process in Move Forward is designed to help people create an environment where Aha moments naturally occur.


The reflection tools are motivated by a series of three positive questions taken from a discipline called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). It basically asks this question: “What is going right?” rather than “What is going wrong?” AI connects with the positive elements in a given situation; by focusing attention there, it draws on positive power to alter attitudes like hopes, dreams, values, personal competence, and good will. Move Forward gives you a chance to spend time focusing on what is going right.

You have a

God-inspired direction

Move forward square (2).jpg
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