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Go beyond employee orientation

and manager training

Positivity Cohorts

A 7 week community experience for leaders committed to personal and organizational kindness and a positive work environment

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Change is about TRANSFORMATION, not just knowledge.

Transformation takes TIME & COMMITMENT.


We understand there is a gap between what leaders want to be and what they are today.  Transformation into consistently kinder people requires intention, self-reflection, and practice. All of these take time. All of these are enhanced through the extended interactive nature of our cohorts.

Transformation isn't just more CONTENT.


You are inundated with content. What leaders need is authentic conversation. Kindness Cohort participants grow personally and professionally when they engage with our experienced mentors recognized for their own kindness. You will trek with motivated peers, and have a professional kindness coach who knows you and can speak into your situation with accuracy and insight.

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Positivity Mentor:
Neal Nybo

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