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Proven strategies to eliminate negativity


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Office negativity
hurts your best employees

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We fix that with micro-actions!


Workplace Positivity
Motivational Speaking, Team Training, Executive Cohorts

  • 20 years of public speaking experience.

  • 30 years in management.

  • Hundreds of authentic, fun, inspiring presentations.

Workplace Positivity presentations

Clapping Audience

Positivity Essentials for Managers and Leaders

Positivity Essentials is a skills-based training program designed to help managers and leaders integrate micro-actions of kindness into their leadership style by understanding the impact of positivity and developing habits that push kindness to their direct reports, creating an attraction culture. Participants develop four management skills to stop the negativity increasing resignations. This lesson comes in all three formats – Keynotes, Team Training, and Positivity Cohorts.

Your leaders will get a mindset adjustment on the essential importance of leading by example and demonstrating positivity through kindness. They will understand the connection between their personal practices, the company culture, and retention and attraction of great people. They will leave with easily implemented tools to become positivity superstars who deliver big results.


Legendary Positivity for Employees

Legendary Positivity for employees is all about creating fanatical customers with micro-actions. Neal teaches your employees how to consistently perform micro-actions of kindness that will generate goodwill, keep their customers coming back, and could send the company’s social media presence viral (in a positive way).

Your employees come away with simple, practical, and sustainable micro-actions to deliver positive human experiences to their customers. Neal enhances your customer experience process with actionable ideas proven to turn customers into fans. Participants receive takeaways they can apply in their business immediately.



One Kind Act
Can Change
a Life

Long before Neal studied kindness, he experienced it.

One person’s kindness made a difference that changed his life. This topic is Neal’s passion, and your audience will feel it. With laughter and tears, Neal helps us understand how important kindness can be in our lives and in the world. Along with micro-actions for both managers and employees, he will also touch the hearts of everyone in the room.

Neal gets attendees buzzing with inspired ideas about how to raise the positivity of their team to the next level, both personally and professionally. And they’ll take home simple and easily applied skills that will cultivate deep and lasting culture change on any team – change that leads to employee retention and attraction.



Organization Spotlight

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Community Counseling SolutionsWheeler Oregon

30 supervisors

200 employees

Multiple campuses across 4 counties

Director Kimberly Lindsey