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Proven strategies to eliminate negativity


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Office negativity
hurts your best employees

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We fix that with micro-actions!


Workplace Positivity
Motivational Speaking, Team Training, Executive Cohorts

  • 20 years of public speaking experience.

  • 30 years in management.

  • 100os of authentic, fun, inspiring presentations.

Workplace Positivity presentations

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Positivity Essentials for Managers and Leaders

Positivity Essentials is a skills-based training program designed to help managers and leaders integrate micro-actions of kindness into their leadership style by understanding the impact of positivity and developing habits that push kindness to their direct reports. Participants develop four management skills to stop the negativity draining employee engagement. This lesson comes in all three formats – Keynotes, Team Training, and Positivity Cohorts.

Legendary Positivity for Employees

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Legendary Positivity for employees is all about creating fanatical customers with micro-actions. Neal teaches your employees how to consistently perform micro-actions of kindness that will generate goodwill, keep their customers coming back, and could send the company’s social media presence viral (in a positive way).


One Kind Act Can Change a Life

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Long before Neal studied kindness, he experienced it. One person’s kindness made a difference that changed his life. This topic is Neal’s passion, and your audience will feel it. With laughter and tears, Neal helps us understand how important kindness can be in our lives and in the world. Along with micro-actions for both managers and employees, he will also touch the hearts of everyone in the room.


Organization Spotlight

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Community Counseling SolutionsWheeler Oregon

30 supervisors

200 employees

Multiple campuses across 4 counties

Director Kimberly Lindsey

Sample Presentations

Sample Presentations

Sample Presentations
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Neal Nybo Short Introduction

Neal Nybo Short Introduction

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Neal Nybo Short Introduction

Neal Nybo Short Introduction

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Intro to 3 micro actions

Intro to 3 micro actions

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Looking for a motivational speaker in Southern California?

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"Dr. Nybo is a top-quality speaker alongside nationally recognized leaders like Liz Wiseman, Marshall Goldsmith, and Miles McPherson."

Amanda Pua Walsh

President, Conscious Marketer

Creating world class online summit events

"Neal Nybo is an expert in helping people navigate the tough stuff in life."

Nicole Phillips

Host, NPR, The Kindness Podcast

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Episode 37

Hospital Hall

One Kind Act

can change a life


Proud to be part of the recent 

Servant Leadership Online Training Summit

  • 40 incredible speakers and leaders

  • 20,000 Participants!

"I highly recommend Neal for any event, speech, retreat, or training you are planning.


I was proud to have him present on a national digital stage alongside other important servant leaders like Erwin McManus and Henry Cloud. I can confidently call him a kindness coach." Ken Blanchard, The One Minute Manager

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