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"I highly recommend Neal!" - Ken Blanchard

"You were spectacular!"

UCSD Global Empowerment Summit

An incredibly engaging experience inspiring kindness to increase employee retention and attraction.

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Neal turns regular leaders into kindness superstars

You want a motivational speaker people will be talking about
for months.

Workplace Positivity cover three parts.j

I do that

And, I inspire them to be
Positivity Powerhouses.

Book Keynotes, Conferences, and Workshops with Confidence

30-40 Speaking Engagements
Per Year

Takeaways Every Participant
Can Use

3 steps to an amazing event!

Step 1

Watch Neal's sample presentation below then read what others are saying.

Step 3

Schedule a conversation with Neal and make your next gathering a 
Positivity Event!

Four Powerful Speaking Topics

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Kinder communications when it matters most

Have you ever said or felt, “That person drives me crazy!” or “You frustrate me so much!”

What if that never happens again? What if we learn to direct our emotions and not have them be at the mercy of others’ actions? 

In our most challenging interactions, we can effectively manage our emotions and communicate our best intentions. That is true for colleagues as well as those we love and care about most.

Dr. Nybo uses his twenty years of experience along with his training in Crucial Conversations - corporate coaching that has sold more than six million copies in twenty-eight languages. He demonstrates to audiences what truly motivates our emotions and gives practical, immediately usable ways we can demonstrate our care and concern.

Through humor, heartwarming stories, and practical skills, Dr. Nybo provides a fast-paced, laughter-filled, results-oriented presentation that covers:
1. Getting in touch with my story.
2. Being sure I understand your story.
3. Using kindness to create our story.


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 Turning Managers and Leaders into Positivity Superstars 

"Superstars" is a skills-based training program. It is designed to help managers and leaders integrate micro-actions of kindness into their leadership styles. They will understand the impact of positivity and develop habits that push kindness to their direct reports and create a culture of attraction. Participants develop four management skills to stop negativity and reduce resignations. This lesson comes in all three formats – Keynotes, Team Training, and Positivity Cohorts.

Your leaders will get a mindset adjustment on the essential importance of leading by example and demonstrating positivity through kindness. They will understand the connection between their personal practices and the company culture. They learn their vital role in the retention and attraction of great people. They will leave with easily implemented tools to become positivity superstars who deliver big results.


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Legendary Positivity for Employees

Legendary Positivity for employees is all about creating fanatical customers with micro-actions. Neal teaches your employees how to consistently perform micro-actions of kindness that will generate goodwill, keep their customers coming back, and could send the company’s social media presence viral (in a positive way).

Your employees come away with simple, practical, and sustainable micro-actions to deliver positive human experiences to their customers. Neal enhances your customer experience process with actionable ideas proven to turn customers into fans. Participants receive takeaways they can apply in their business immediately.


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One Kind Act
Can Change
a Life

Long before Neal studied kindness, he experienced it.

One person’s kindness made a difference that changed his life. This topic is Neal’s passion, and your audience will feel it. With laughter and tears, Neal helps us understand how important kindness can be in our lives and in the world. Along with micro-actions for both managers and employees, he will also touch the hearts of everyone in the room.

Neal gets attendees buzzing with inspired ideas about how to raise the positivity of their team to the next level, both personally and professionally. And they’ll take home simple and easily applied skills that will cultivate deep and lasting culture change on any team – change that leads to employee retention and attraction.



with 30 micro-actions to reduce negativity in your life and work.

Don't let the people at your event
Feel underappreciated
Become disengaged
Stick to their silos

Micro-actions of kindness

Increase appreciation

Boost engagement

​Reduce silos

Clapping Audience

You can trust Dr. Nybo to deliver.
Others have. 


Ken Blanchard

cofounder, Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies

"I highly recommend Neal for any event, speech, retreat, or training you are planning."

amanda pua walsh in black-min.jpg

Amanda Pua Walsh

President, Conscious Marketer

"Dr. Nybo is a top-quality speaker alongside nationally recognized leaders like Liz Wiseman, Marshall Goldsmith, and Miles McPherson" with 40,000 attendees at our Servant Leadership Online Training Summit 

Michael Hards-min.jpg

Michael Hards

Senior Vice President

Bank of America

"The workbook is filled with simple but powerful micro-actions that leaders should undertake in their organizations! I would recommend your course to anyone interested in reducing negativity in their workplace and doing so in an authentic way. "

Kevin Faulconer, Former Mayor, San Diego
"Neal Nybo has spent twenty years working with organizations to empower kindness and compassion in San Diego and around the world."


Ken Blanchard, the One Minute Manager
"I think you will really appreciate the creative way Neal shares. I highly recommend Neal for any event or speech you are planning.


James Brenneman 
President, Berkeley School of Theology

"Great tips. Great material. Very practice-oriented. Take-aways throughout the presentation. As my mom used to always say to us as kids, "Kindness is to do and say, the kindest thing in the kindest way!"

Alasa Wiest.jpg

Alasa Wiest
Director, City of Verona, WI

"Most helpful was that we could restructure the program for our needs. So many things were super helpful, tangible micro-actions. It felt like you could turn around and do an action step right away."

Robert Stephens.png

Robert Stephens
Chairman of the Board, Finisar Corp.

"Neal’s presence and presentation are very effective, including step by step, concrete examples. His practical content prompted me to recall situations and people across 50 years in building and managing high performance teams and helped me dust off approaches I had put on the shelf. Neal’s message is very timely...the world really needs this communication right now."


Naila Chowdhury

Director UC San Diego Social Impact and Innovation

"You were spectacular and so was the panel you organized. Thank you for the extraordinary support." The 4th Global Empowerment Summit was a tremendous success with 400+ registered.


Gene Holsclaw

Executive Director Global Workplace Agility Solutions

"Tons of great tips on how to bring more kindness to your workplace, either from home or in the office!"


Kimberly Lindsey

Executive Director

Community Counseling Solutions

"Since the training (with 25 managers overseeing 200 staff), I have seen supervisors be more thoughtful, purposeful, and deliberate. Employees are friendlier, kinder, and have more of a joyful spirit."

Why Positivity is so important
to event participants

Negativity can...

Working in Office
Workplace Positivity FINAL with spine3.j

"Micro-actions are actions so small, so small action, repeatedly, over long periods of time. It's the compounding effect of incremental change, and it's awesome."

Micro-actions of Kindness are vital behaviors designed to empower managers and increase employee positivity, loyalty, and trust.

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