One kind act changed my life.

Now I help others

use micro-actions of kindness wherever they work.

I'm honored to be associated with people who are having an impact, making a difference, and leaving the world better than they found it.

Mayor Faulconer & Lindsay Wagner
Proclaiming October 19 Kindness Day in San Diego in congunction with the UCSD Global Empowerment Summit, 2019
Dave Gallagher Assoc. Dir. JPL
With Dave at the "Clean" room where the Martian Rover is being built behind us.
Lt. Col. Michelle Macander Commander
First female commander of a Marine Corps ground combat unit
Ken Blanchard
Filming for Move Forward training
Naila Chowdhury UCSD Dir.
At the Global Empowerment Summit 2019 with Naila Chowdhury, Director, UCSD Social Impact and Innovation
Dr. Condoleezza Rice
At a Lead Like Jesus conference
Professor Dallas Willard USC
Honored to study with this great man
beach baptism
Incredible opportunity baptizing adults in the ocean
PCUSA Stated Clerk Nelson
Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II
Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, PC (USA)
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Need a transitional leader?


Every church eventually needs an interim pastor, a transitional leader. There are many interim pastors out there.


I have twenty years’ experience in large churches of 1,000 or more. For ten years I was the executive pastor, managing the largest Presbyterian church in San Diego.


My Doctorate from Fuller Seminary focused on addressing church challenges before they become a public conflict.


I’m old enough to have the respect of most members of your congregation and, I’m young enough to have the energy and insight to keep and grow the next generation.


I have experience in managing conflict, senior leadership management, staff development, tactical and strategic planning, problem-solving, leading change, and fundraising.


I preach most weeks, speak at conferences and retreats, and lead seminars.


I believe in having a home base, a day job that keeps me active in the activities I coach and mentor. Your church may be my next home base.

Need training?

I've researched what it takes to help organizations move forward.

  • Forget writing strategic reports only to have them sit on a shelf unread.

  • Stop spending your time convincing all the people who weren't at your planning retreat.

  • Avoid exhausting and expensive strategic processes.

  • Use one of these half-day seminars to overcome all the challenges and disappointments.


Best of all, you can look at my leader and participant guides and decide for yourself.

I am very proud of the

child safety process I led

I was Executive Pastor for ten years at RBCPC. I've got a brief description along with the extensive process I led that church through to become fully accredited with Praesidum

Need a mentor or coach?


Many people need a mentor/guide more than an expert.


I work with regular working people who have a passion, a dream, or want to have one.


I coach them in finding personal clarity and direction. Then I help them take their next steps, whether that means something at work, self-publishing, blogging, public speaking.


I’m no expert but I have done them all. There are plenty of experts we can find together. Let me help you decide what you need and encourage you to get it.


Need help with:


  • Difficult conversations


  • Staff who don’t like conflict


  • Leadership teams who exhibit all of Patrick Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of a team


  • Performance Improvement plans that work


  • Downsizing a shrinking budget


  • Managing challenging decisions through your elder or non-profit board


I’ve done them all.



I’m ready to help when you are ready to be helped.

email me at: / San Diego / California