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A great definition of church

I recently missed church because I hurt my back. I was flat in bed all weekend. What if you have had back problems and you found either a great doctor or an amazing remedy. If you and I had a conversation about my back pain, what would you tell me about? Your doctor! If my car had some odd squeak and the dealer was going to charge me a thousand dollar to fix it, and you knew a guy who was amazing with tracking down squeaks and rattles in cars, you would tell me about him. You might give me his card. You might even offer to connect me with him and help me get my car to his shop because you know if I would just get there, he has a safe place and the power to fix my problem. How about that. In real life, we naturally like to help people find safe places with the power to fix their problems. What a great definition of church. A safe place with the power to fix your problems.

You can watch the complete video message here.

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