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“Cabinet” problems remain unknown or unaddressed: from Shut Tight

The challenge is that hidden, “cabinet” problems remain unknown or unaddressed until they expand beyond the church’s ability to contain or address them. The Presbytery is called in to help solve the problem. Once that occurs, even if significant resources are brought to bear on the problem, history demonstrates that the conflict erupts and the Presbytery works towards recovery and repair rather than solution. In each of the churches examined while preparing this book, extensive efforts were made by Presbytery members and committees, sometimes for years, without major improvement. Before public conflict occurred and before the Presbytery was called to help solve their problems, there were members who felt concerned that “cabinet” issues existed but were unable to get leadership to address them. Those members were ill prepared to discover what the systemic challenges and root problems were and even less prepared to name and address them adequately. In some cases, they were hindered by leaders who did not want these “cabinet” problems uncovered.

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