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Who is wearing your bracelet?

Remember WWJD, what would Jesus do? I have a story about my daughter Annie. She had a high school job working in a coffee shop. She hates sitting around, always has. So, when things slowed down, she grabbed a broom, mop or towel. She was always doing something. To her great delight and pride, one day, she walked into the back kitchen and saw a poster the manager had put up. Across the top in bold print were the letters, WWAD. The poster encouraged other employees to think about what Annie would do and to do that. It probably didn’t win her a lot of friends among the employees. But it has stuck with me.

Wayne is the manager at a Swim and Tennis club. I know him as a gracious, godly man who would do anything for anyone. Others have told me that he regularly can be found walking the grounds, talking with people, seeing how staff and members are doing. I admit, it’s easy for me to get stuck in my office. Throughout the week I tend to go from meeting to office to meeting to office. So, I made myself a WWWD bracelet. What would Wayne do? Now, when I’m sitting for a while at my desk, I look at that bracelet and I get up and see how things are going around campus.

Whose bracelet would you wear? Who ripples Jesus in a way that you would like to emulate? I encourage you to get your own bracelet. Here is a harder question. Who is wearing your bracelet? What about you is so positive, so uplifting, so rippling like Jesus that others would put your initial on a bracelet and use you for their model?

You can find the entire message on video here.

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