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Needing some clarity or direction in your life?

I was blown away by this review on Amazon of my book, Move Forward. "Wow. Just wow. Was going through the motions as I worked my way through this process and then I was blown away the day I started sharing my thoughts with others (a critical step in the process.) Their affirmations on the insights and direction I was going were so powerful! It was so obvious to them and I seemed to be the last to know where I should take my next chapter! Brilliant process and so very motivational. So clear now that God will meet us in our searching. How easy it is to forget that critical piece. Thank you for this life-changing book. Well done."

That means a lot to me. Maybe you feel like there is a new chapter about to be written in your life. Maybe you are in "maintenance mode" or wish you had some direction for what you are to do next and where you are headed in the next few years. Move Forward is a workbook that helps you gain that clarity. Honestly, there are only 25 pages of book to read! The rest of it includes exercises for you to do over seven days to give you clarity and direction.

Seriously, if you are truly hungry for clarity and direction, isn't it worth $10 and seven days!

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