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Starting in One Day - Servant Leadership Summit

The Servant Leadership Online Training Summit begins tomorrow with Ken Blanchard, Liz Wiseman, John Hope Bryant and Steve Piersanti! Don’t miss this unprecedented event:

Over the next 10 days you’ll get access to leadership training videos with the world’s top leaders in business, church and community movements! Learn from leaders like:

Ken Blanchard - What Is Servant Leadership?

Jim Ferrell - The Servant Leader's Focus

Dr. Henry Cloud - The Power of Other

Erwin McManus - The Last Arrow

Kenneth Jennings - Practical Serving Leadership: Tools for Implementation

Art Barter - Servant Leadership: A Better Way of Managing and Leading

Robin Blanchard - Servant Leadership and the Military

Michael Bush - Servant Leaders Create a Great Place to Work For All

Holly Culhane - The Leader as Shepherd

Chris Hodges - What You See Determines How You Serve

Tommy Spaulding - The Heart Led Leader

Cheryl A. Bachelder - Serve the People

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Servant Leadership

Jon Gordon - Little Things and Big Things

Neal Nybo – The Puddle is not the Problem

Jim Kouzes - Finding Your Voice

And many, many MORE…

Receive valuable insights, tools and techniques that will improve your leadership skills and boost your entire organization.

Here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll discover during this online event:

How to build stronger relationships with employees, customers and partners

The keys to generating more profit without competition or power struggles

How to create an atmosphere of cooperation in your organization

Learn how to serve at the highest level while still profiting

Transform your organization by transforming yourself

I’ll be talking on Thursday. Oct 19 about The Puddle is not the Problem

See you inside!

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