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A chance to meet Condoleezza Rice

What an opportunity. Dr. Rice was inspiring and gracious as she addressed the Lead Like Jesus conference I attended.

Ms. Rice did not promote her new book, Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom but it was clear, helping countries move toward democracy is a passion of hers.

Good Reads says this about her and the book.

"From the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union to the ongoing struggle for human rights in the Middle East, Condoleezza Rice has served on the front lines of history. As a child, she was an eyewitness to a third awakening of freedom, when her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, became the epicenter of the civil rights movement for black Americans.In this book,

Rice explains what these epochal events teach us about democracy. At a time when people around the world are wondering whether democracy is in decline, Rice shares insights from her experiences as a policymaker, scholar, and citizen, in order to put democracy's challenges into perspective."

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