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Washing The Elephant: how we can each add a little kindness to our world.

“Be kind to each other.” We can’t complain that the Bible isn’t clear!

There it is. It doesn’t get any clearer. Be kind to each another. And, it is radical. Being kind is radically different than the behavior we see demonstrated in our country, even by Christians. I don’t always know where to start. I’ve been in a conversation with one of our members who asked me, our city is struggling - homeless, crime, toll road, nuclear waste buried down the street, high cost of living …. people are looking for answers. How can kindness help? Good question.

None of us can do everything but each of us can do something. I call it washing the elephant. The problems are big, too big, like an elephant looming over us, but I can do something, I can wash the part of the elephant that’s in front of me. I can’t do much but I can do something.

What will you do today to wash the elephant?

There are so many great lists of acts of kindness. Here are several. Glance through them and find something to try.

Then come back and post a response with your story of washing the elephant.

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