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Unleash the power of kindness

All of us hope we can make a difference somewhere, our home, work, community.

Jaclyn Lindsey, CEO of and author of Why Kindness Is The Answer To Workplace Woes writes this. If you’ve spent even just 10 minutes scanning the headlines in the last month, the workplace can seem like it’s suddenly become a minefield. Sexual harassment. Bullying. Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. In this cultural moment, we are finally talking about these micro- and macro-aggressions openly. She then asks, What are we supposed to do about it?

In other words, can we make a difference?

I hope so. I like to think I’ve been in the kindness business for twenty years. I am a pastor. Wouldn’t we assume pastors should be kind? But, I could ask for a show of hands of people who don’t think pastor or churches, or leaders of national religious organizations have done a very good job of demonstrating kindness. That, along with the increase in animosity and division in the world and online is overwhelming. Its too big for any of us. It’s the elephant in the room. What can any of us do? We can wash the elephant. We can do something to clean up the part of the problem right in front of us. None of us can do everything but each of us can do something. I can wash the part of the elephant that’s in front of me.

That’s the power of kindness. We can unleash that power to make a difference.

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