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Assisted Serendipity at Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform with 1000 employees most of whom don’t know each other. Someone decided to help them make connections.

A group email invited employees to send in their name and they would be randomly assigned a coffee time with another employee.

They call it assisted serendipity.

Hundreds of staff have participated. Like any good grassroots effort, random coffee morphed. Now there are random lunches and random cocktail events.

There have been thousands of interactions and new connections made and the cost to the company, almost zero.

Responses came back like:

“Hey, I just had a random coffee with Cail. It was awesome! We talked about [insert future secret product update here] and I’m going to be working on it in a couple months so I said I’d get in touch with him about it.” Someone else summed it up well: “Because better relationships lead to better work.”

Its kind.

It makes a difference.

And it impacts the bottom line.

That’s what happens when you unleash the power of kindness.

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