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Corporate kindness measured in cash

I help companies be kinder.

We need more kindness in the world and almost all of us work somewhere. Why not put the two together?

But, is kindness profitable? Does it help a company's bottom line? Yes. It does. And if you or your boss need assurance that being kinder will help you make more money, look no further.

In a recent article from Inc Magazine we learn this bottom line lesson.

Jill Lublin "believes you can literally turn corporate kindness into cash -- and other things of value. The cash might directly take the form of revenues and profits. But kindness also generates more customers, greater connectivity, new prospects, forgiveness for your mistakes, and higher employee and customer loyalty ... all things that lead to increases in revenues and profits.

It's the law of reciprocity: When you are kind to somebody, it's more likely that they'll be kind in return. In other words, most good deeds are rewarded."

If you need a reason to be kinder, you have one. It puts cash in your pocket. There are plenty of other reasons. Flip thourgh my other blog posts to see some of them.

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