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Friday Sermon Blast: Destined for self-control

Is it acceptable for Christians to eat so much that they pass out in a food coma?

That was the question I had to ask myself, standing in a basement off of Hollywood Blvd. Carolyn and I had been invited to attend the world premiere of one of the Star Trek movies at the Chinese theater in Hollywood. After the movie, along with all the stars and several hundred people we walked across the street to a fabulous event. We found a seat in a room and ate some amazing food from a buffet. I assumed all the rooms would have the same food. I was wrong. After we had eaten, we walked through other rooms and found they had buffets of other types of food. Well, I had to try some of each of those.

But, we hadn’t seen any of the movie’s stars or other VIPs so we went exploring through this large building that seemed to have been rented out just for this occasion. On the second floor we found the largest room and there were the stars at a table with all kinds of people circling them. And, just in front of them, was another buffet table with all kinds of food.

Carolyn had stopped eating some number of rooms behind us but I had to try a little. To be honest, I couldn’t eat another bite as we walked away from that room. As we started down the stairs I commented to Carolyn, isn’t it strange that nowhere have we seen any desserts.

Could it be that the cast of Star Trek or Paramount executives had decided on healthy food only? I just didn’t know how these big Hollywood events worked.

As we got back down to the first floor, I saw that the stairs continued down another floor. I said we should at least see what was down there, though I had already loosened my belt and tie and unbuttoned my shirt’s top button. So, you can only imagine the emotions that ran through me when we got to the basement. It was a mixture of excitement and horror as there before us stood table after table of….desserts.

I had to ask myself, is it acceptable for Christians to eat so much that they pass out in a food coma? Today I speak to you, humbly, on a subject of great importance. Self-control. I speak, not particularly from experience but as one who has read about a faraway land of self-control, committed to travel there one day.

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