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The 4th Global Empowerment Summit is in San Diego!

Some folks have asked me what I have been working on recently. I am excited to share that I am a co-sponsor of this important summit. I have spent the past year working with Naila Chowdhury and Ken Blanchard, designing a kindness componant for the 4th Global Empowerment Summit.

Naila Chowdhury is the Director of the Department of Social Impact and Innovation at UCSD is the Summit's host and is an advocate, Change Maker, Social Impact Leader, Global Networker, collaborator & connector.

The 2019 Global Empowerment Summit will activate changemakers across several panels discussing collaborative solutions in the areas of empowerment, education, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and social impact.

The Summit brings together progressive global leaders, as well as changemakers working within San Diego's underrepresented communities.

Now in its 4th year, this annual event will inspire, challenge, and boost participation among students, the local community and the UC San Diego campus to engage in social issues with more vigor and enthusiasm than ever before. The 2019 Summit panels and dialogue will motivate participants to focus on humanity and the necessity of enlightened education, empowerment, compassion, empathy, peace and transformational leadership for a sustainable and inclusive world.

At the core of this program is a responsibility to engender the highest level of compassion, eco-consciousness, and dignity for all.


In an effort to make the City of San Diego the kindest city in the United States, Mayor Kevin Falconer will present to UC San Diego's Chancellor Pradeep Khosla with a Proclamation dedicating October 19th as Kindness Day.


We are honored to have Ms. Lindsay Wagner as our keynote speaker, best known for her iconic television show the "Bionic Woman". Ms. Wagner is an actor, advocate, and mother, humanitarian and author, and was the first woman superhero to inspire hundreds of young girls and women. She took on films that included conflict resolution as ideas and focused on the development of the human qualities in the characters she portrayed or acted opposite to inspire stories about personal motivation.

Off-screen, Ms. Wagner continuously works both publicly and privately in advocacy and public education. She shares the knowledge and experience, which have greatly influenced her life and have profoundly enhanced her awe of our often unrecognized human potential. To view her bio visit

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