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You still have time for World Kindness Day

Today is world kindness day and you haven't missed it yet!

  • Send kind texts to at least three different people.

  • Buy someone a Starbucks.

  • Reach out to someone you haven't been in contact with for a while.

  • Send a handwritten note or card.

World Kindness Day is an international holiday that was formed in 1998, to promote kindness throughout the world and is observed annually on November 13 as part of the World Kindness Movement. It is observed in many countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and the U.A.E. World Kindness Day presents us with the opportunity to reflect upon one of the most important and unifying human principles. On a day devoted to the positive potential of both large and small acts of kindness, try to promote and diffuse this crucial quality that brings people of every kind together. From

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