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  • Dr. Neal Nybo

Feb 17 is Random Act of Kindness Day!

Today is a great time to practice micro-actions of kindness. Here are 15 ideas to get you started. Feel free to come up with your own.

1. Give an unexpected compliment.

2. Let someone cut in front of you in line.

3. Slow down so someone can merge in front of you in traffic.

4. Let someone else take that primo parking spot.

5. Buy a warm meal for someone in need.

6. Help someone struggling to carry their grocery bags.

7. Buy a gift card to hand to someone on your way out of the coffee shop.

8. Pick up a piece of litter on the street and throw it out.

9. Pass along a compliment to a service worker’s boss.

10. Take the time to write a great online review for a restaurant you love.

11. Leave a positive comment on a news article or blog post.

12. Leave a positive review on Amazon for Workplace Positivity.

13. Give an extra tip and write an encouraging note along with it.

14. Write a thank you note to your mail carrier.

15. Make a double batch of the cookies you’re baking and bring some next door.

When you have done your act of kindness, please come back to this post and leave a comment about it. Let's see how many micro-actions of kindness we can generate!

Workplace Positivity

Nicole and I devote much of our time to training management teams and leaders to eliminate negativity by personally practicing some of these micro-actions of kindness. These aren’t sleepy mandatory sessions. We bring the vibrant joy that comes with sharing kindness. We have more stories, more insights, and more micro-actions than any company, organization, or team can possibly use.

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