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The last thing you want is an uninspired team.

We can fix that!

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I care about helping people be kinder.

I am excited about helping you and your company or organization.​​

  • 20 years of public speaking experience

  • Business Management

  • Heart for kindness,

  • Authentic, fun, inspiring presentations.

Micro Actions for Macro Engagement

2 Interactive Presentations

designed to train, inspire, and launch

Micro Actions for Managers

Who should attend?

Managers, Supervisors, Leaders

What will be learned?

Three clear micro-actions, each one designed to develop loyalty, trust, or engagement in employees.

What are Micro Actions for managers?

Micro Actions are the smallest incremental efforts that give managers the behavioral nudges they need to follow through on their good intentions.

What will participants learn?

Only 13% of employees worldwide, 33% in the United States, are engaged at work. Employee engagement, loyalty, and trust are three of the highest goals in companies today.


But, 88% of managers do not implement the very plans they help design.

Give your managers, supervisors, and leaders the tools and inspiration they need to PERSONALLY invest in changing their culture. 

This interactive workshop and/or keynote speech trains participants in three specific Micro Actions every manager can do and will enjoy doing, daily, weekly, and monthly. They will inspire:

  • Loyalty through a focus on core values.

  • Trust by making personal connections.

  • Engagement by recognizing excellent work.

Fast Company recently reported why team-building exercises are useless and to change communication patterns instead. THIS MATERIAL EMPOWERS MANAGERS TO CHANGE.

Gallop Marketplace says companies need to Coach managers and hold them accountable for their employees' engagement. THIS WORKSHOP WILL HELP YOU AND YOUR MANAGERS SUCCEED.

Micro Actions for Customer Retention

and Social Media Success

Who should attend?

All levels of employees who interface with customers or the public.

What will be learned?

Three global micro-actions designed to work anywhere. Up to three additional localized actions agreed on by the group, specific to your organization.

What are Micro Actions for employees?

Micro Actions are the smallest incremental efforts that inspire customers to be raving fans and which can exponentially increase positive social media.

What will participants learn?

Frontline employees have greater opportunities to impact customer perception and social media opinions than ever before. Being videotaped is less about if than when.

This workshop/Keynote speech raises employee awareness, develops personal investment and builds daily participation.

Powerful Case Studies

The power of positive social media: Alaska Airlines received 700,000 positive social media shares, news articles and live broadcasts from one flight attendant's micro-action.


The need for creativity and flexibility and the negative impact when they are missing: American Airlines received 100,000 negative social media shares when an employee just did his job. 

Jessica J S Fowler at The Kind Group | Helps clients create impressions that last recently wrote: "Cultivating a culture within your organization with colleagues and externally with clients that promotes compassion and kindness will not only positively affect your bottom-line in sales revenue but is proven to increase retention and productivity within your doors." THESE MICRO ACTIONS CULTIVATE SUCH CULTURES.


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"Dr. Nybo is a top-quality speaker alongside nationally recognized leaders like Liz Wiseman, Marshall Goldsmith, and Miles McPherson."

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"Neal Nybo is an expert in helping people navigate the tough stuff in life."

Nicole Phillips

Host, NPR, The Kindness Podcast

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Episode 37

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