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Proud to Sponsor and Speak at

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Summit Video One Kind Act

"One kind act can change a life"


World wide impact from the campus of ucsd

The UCSD Department of Social Impact and Innovation has successfully organized and presented Summits that bring students, staff, academics, campus, organizational and community leaders to further hone their skills and experience aimed at solving community problems and inclusion.

Meet My Partners

These two great people invited me to work with them to bring a new emphasis of kindness to this year's conference

Ken Blanchard

shares his insightful and powerful message of servant leadership with audiences around the world through speeches, consulting services, and bestselling books.

Naila Chowdhury

Director of the Department of Social Impact and Innovation at UCSD is the Summit's host and is an advocate, Change Maker, Social Impact Leader, Global Networker, collaborator & connector. 

I've invited 3 amazing people to share our panel

Nicole Phillips

The host of the NPR Kindness Podcast, Nicole is a newspaper columnist, author of two books on Kindness, a breast cancer survivor with National Speaker Association credentials.

Jacques Spitzer

CEO of Raindrop marketing built the award-winning, multi-million-dollar branding and advertising firm from scratch is a successful entrepreneur and impactful relationship architect.

Barbara Glanz

Certified Speaking Professional, and Hall of Fame speaker, with over 5 million YouTube views about her book “The Simple Truths of Service, ” her clients number in the hundreds.

Oct 19, 2019


"Kindness Day"

In san Diego

it is so exciting to have the Mayor of San Diego make this proclamation in honor of this event

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer

is committed to creating a city with great opportunities for every resident in every neighborhood. Together, we will fix our streets, bolster our innovative economy and make every neighborhood safe in One San Diego.

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