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Finding your God-given next step

Ken Blanchard was kind enough to share his “aha” moment in his foreword to my book, Move Forward. " In 2015, I (Ken Blanchard) had one of those crazy experiences where you know it has to be God. I was driving my car, thinking about the transition my church was about to go through when our senior pastor retired. I knew a committee was looking for an interim pastor to lead the church until a new senior pastor was hired. The thought came to me—why don’t you lead it along with Neal and the other ministers? It had to be of God because I would never have come up with this idea on my own. After many meetings and votes of various groups, I found myself working for $1.00 a year, and sitting around a table with four pastors and ministers."

The individual discovery process is designed to help people create an environment where Aha moments naturally occur.

The reflection tools are motivated by a series of three positive questions taken from a discipline called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). It basically asks this question: “What is going right?” rather than “What is going wrong?” AI connects with the positive elements in a given situation; by focusing attention there, it draws on positive power to alter attitudes like hopes, dreams, values, personal competence, and good will. Move Forward gives you a chance to spend time focusing on what is going right by looking at:

  • An important spiritual event in your life

  • The best part of who you are at your core

  • Who you most want to see yourself be five years from now

(Excerpted from Shut Tight)

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