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Would you keep a kindness log?

One of the best ways to loose weight is to keep a food log. With no commitment to a specific weight loss plan, people lose weight just by keeping track of what they eat.

Keeping a log along with exercise worked for me when my trainer had me track my meals. I wouldn't eat sweets just because I didn't want to put it in my food log. On the other hand, I was proud to write in, "chicken breast" for dinner. In my case, I was also exercising, and I lost 35 pounds!

So what about a kindness log? What if we track our expressions kind thoughts, gratitude, or appreciation, would we find ourselves doing it more?

Psychology Today has an article titled, We Are What We Consume. What do you think would happen if we tracked the minutes each day we spend reading, listening to, or watching news, entertainment, and uplifting materials like Scripture. Would our consumption of news and entertainment go down and uplifting materials go up?

What if we kept track of the number of times each day we thought of Jesus, would we think of him more? Frank C. Laubach experimented doing exactly that and created something called Game with Minutes that thousands have used to increase their awareness of God.

What do you think about a kindness log? Would you keep one for a month? Do you think you would be kinder if you did? Write a comment below and let me know.

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