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Kindness Matters: What did we talk about before we left the house?

Remember either as a kid or with your own kids, how you would have a talk before you left the house? Grown ups would walk kids through a list of actions and activities. Now, remember when we see Aunt Betty to give her a hug. Don’t ask your cousin about his old girlfriend. Let others be served first.

Maybe you didn’t have those talks but you can imagine them. My wife and I now say to each other and ourselves multiple times, what did we talk about before we left home.

Before you leave your house for the day, take a moment to tell yourself, "be kinder today." As you close your door, say "I’m going to look for ways to share kindness." Then, throughout your day, when you are tempted to say something or do something unkind, say to yourself, what did we talk about before we left home?

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