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Fire an unkind client and three other successful kindness strategies

Kathleen Henson, Founder & CEO of Henson Consulting fired a million dollar client because the day to day contact became abusive. For Henson,

1. Unkindness in clients or employees isn't worth the cost.

Henson Consulting is an award-winning national PR and communications firm based in Chicago. In addition to demanding kind clients, Henson adheres to the belief that,

2. A kind word is better than a barked command

After 25 years in business, Henson says, "If you lead with a kind word or a thoughtful gesture, you are squarely better off than if you bark a command or send a terse email. Not only will kindness make your business associates feel a sense of trust and comfort, it will actually benefit the bottom line."

3. Hire the person, not the position

She has learned you can't train nice. Employees who are kind, genuine, and happy last the longest. So she watches for it in interviews, interactions with other employees, and even in their thank you notes.

4, Practice kindness everywhere

Henson says kindness as a top priority is good both for business and for putting your head on your pillow at night. She lives by the theory that at the end of life, we will look back and be proud, not of putting someone in their place but putting a smile on their face.

You can read her entire article here.

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