Get the benefit of 22 years of large and medium

church experience

Discovering your church's direction can be difficult.


Members feel uncertain.

Elders can worry.

Staff needs support.

Finding the right Interim/transitional pastor makes all the difference.

What other churches are saying about Interim Pastor Neal Nybo

Brett Knox, Chairperson,

San Clemente Presbyterian Church

Interim 2017-19


StoneBridge Community Church

Interim 2019-20

"I have found Neal to be a gifted communicator, a constant learner, and a person with good sense and sensitivity in human relations. People naturally look to him for leadership and love to be in his presence."    Dr. Dallas Willard  

Highly regarded Christian thinker and philosopher 

With Dallas at Fuller Sem

I care about the church.

I care about its future.

I've served at:

Neal’s professionalism and knowledge of his Discovery Seminar led to a successful experience for all involved with results as promised.

Rev. Gary Ziccardi, Interim Pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church

Neal's Sermons

Interested in Neal's full sermons? 

I can help

your church

in two ways

Does your organization have a direction?

Do your people know what it is?




In just one seminar,

every member helps create clarity about the future.

Communicate outcomes

and create

ownership of your destination.

Take steps all have agreed on and move in the

right direction.

"Dr. Nybo's professionalism and knowledge led to a successful experience. He was able to draw out insights and ownership from everyone involved." Dr. Gary Ziccardi,

Interim Pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church


Are members trying to tell church leaders something?


Are you listening?

With grace-filled steps,

Shut Tight helps uncover hidden challenges before they become public conflicts.

Need an Interim Pastor?


Every church eventually needs an interim pastor, a transitional leader. There are many interim pastors out there.


I have twenty years’ experience in large churches of 1,000 or more. For ten years I was the executive pastor, managing the largest Presbyterian church in San Diego.


My Doctorate from Fuller Seminary focused on addressing church challenges before they become a public conflict.


I’m old enough to have the respect of most members of your congregation and, I’m young enough to have the energy and insight to keep and grow the next generation.


I have experience in managing conflict, senior leadership management, staff development, tactical and strategic planning, problem-solving, leading change, and fundraising.


I preach every week unless I'm sharing the pulpit with others.


Regardless of other forms of ministry, I believe in being a local church pastor first.


Your church may be my next home base.

Every organization should

  • Understand its past

  • Hold on to the best parts of its identity

  • Surrender whatever holds it back

  • Be ready for its future


I am very proud of the

child safety process I led

I was Executive Pastor for ten years at RBCPC. I've got a brief description along with the extensive process I led that church through to become fully accredited with Praesidum

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