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Micro-Action 1: Think about what you're thinking about

Welcome to another excerpt from my workbook, Workplace Positivity.

Hey, Nicole here! (My co-author) The first time I started thinking about what I was thinking about,

I was disgusted. It was 2011 and my mind was filled with junk. I had a constant

dialogue playing in my mind determining who measured up and who didn’t.

Old woman in the mini-skirt? No.

Guy flexing in the mirror at the gym? No.

Colleagues who won’t stop talking about their terrible lives? No.

Colleagues who won’t stop talking about their terrific lives? No.

At what point had I determined I was the judge and jury over myself and everybody

else? I could argue my thoughts didn’t really matter because I never said anything out

loud, but the truth is, the negativity in my mind eventually spilled out of my mouth.

Do you ever find yourself compromising on your conversations? You get a snippy

email from your boss and immediately head to a coworker to commiserate. You were

once so grateful to be hired by this company, but now find yourself complaining

about all the aggravating policies. You join in on the office gossip in the breakroom

because it seems harmless enough.

Our thoughts impact our actions. Our actions create our everyday lives, in the

office and out.

What’s the solution? Make a decision to stop saying negative words.

When you set your mind on a specific goal, it allows everything else to align with

this goal and helps you to keep your focus.

Decide right now you will contribute to a healthier workplace by stopping the

negativity train before it comes rolling out of your mouth. Acknowledging our role

in our work environment and deciding to stop saying negative words is the first step.

Now let’s give that decision a supportive team of two to make it stick: a trusted

confidante and a rubber band.


Marcel Schwantes, Founder and Chief Human Officer at Leadership From the Core

says one of the habits of happy people is that they choose kindness. Most bosses don’t see the

upside of kindness in terms of any business impact. But, research at New York University

demonstrates when one co-worker sees other co-workers helping each other, it heightens

that person’s well-being. In other words, kindness produces more kindness, improving

collaboration, and productivity across teams.

It all begins with a choice, a decision.

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1 Comment

Clare Kindness
Clare Kindness
Jul 21, 2023

looooooooove this!!!!!!

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