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Micro-actions of Kindness are vital behaviors designed to empower managers and increase employee positivity, loyalty, and trust. Over time the compounding effect of incremental change reduces negativity, improves culture, and spreads from person to person, office to office.

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Nicole J. Phillips

Host of the NPR Kindness Podcast

Nicole J Phillips is a champion for using kindness to overcome all of life’s difficulties, including her own battle with breast cancer. She spreads the message of the healing power of kindness as host of The Kindness Podcast, and through her weekly column, Kindness is Contagious.

Neal Nybo

If there is a “kindness business” I have been in it for more than twenty years. I’ve taught a lot of classes. I’ve given a lot of speeches. I think the smallest group I’ve ever taught was five and one of the five walked out before I finished! The largest group I ever taught was 20,000 in an online Servant Leadership webinar.
What I discovered is this, it’s hard for people to change just by being taught new information. So, several years ago, I stopped teaching knowledge about kindness and started coaching people how to be kinder.

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