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Starts in one week...The Servant Leadership Training Summit with Marshall Goldsmith and me!

Anyone wanting to go further than you are now in any area of life will benefit from Mr. Goldsmith's, What Got You Here Won't Get You There,

When my good friend and colleague, Ken Blanchard, asked me to join 36 leaders to speak on the first-ever Servant Leadership Online Training Summit, how could I refuse?

I'll be talking on day three! Go here for the entire schedule and to learn more about content of each speaker.

After all, this is an unprecedented opportunity and you’re invited for FREE

You’ll get access to high-level video training talks with the world’s top leaders from all over the world - from business owners to church and community organization leaders.

If you want to know the difference between leaders who struggle and fall, and leaders who naturally thrive and grow, simply look at their primary motivation. Leaders who succeed in the long-run are service oriented. They understand that people are their most important asset, and their goal is to improve the lives of others. The Servant Leadership Online training Summit begins October 16th. Reserve your spot today

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