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The power of “er.” Every one of us can be KIND-ER

Our country is starving for kind people with trustworthy character, We need to be people who seek to improve themselves and help others.

Most of us assume we are such a person. If we give it any thought, we think are kind, nice, trustworthy, and we probably are to one extent or another.

The power of “er” is the ability to say we could be a little more.

We could all be a little




Almost none of us can flat out say, “I am thin, or strong.” Every one of us can say, “I am working on being thinner or stronger. Let’s be honest, no matter who we are, or what we do, every single one of us could be kinder.

The power of “er” is in its ability to move us from absolutes like THIN, STRONG, KIND, to incremental steps, like kinder. Once we decide we want to be kinder, there are many steps we can take. I’ve been writing about these like.

I’ll continue to write about kindness.

For now, I’m sharing #thepowerofer.

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