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4 reasons kindness matters

I've been reading up on kindness and want to share articles you may have missed. Operation Warm published an article on why kindness matters. They are right on.

1. It makes you happy.

Sure, being kind to someone makes them happy. And it makes you happy as well.

Try this right now. Stop reading this and do something kind for someone right now. Send a kind text or email. Wash the dishes in the sink if you are home. Let someone into your lane if you are driving. Open a door for someone if you are outside. Then stop and pay attention to that feeling inside. Its probably a feeling of happiness.

2. Its good for your health.

Spreading kindness shrinks inflammation in the cardiovascular system and decreases anxiety in social situations. Don't take my word for it. Click the link above.

3. Its contagious.

Several scientific experiments demonstrate that acts of kindness simply witnessed by a third party increases that person's likelihood to act in a kind way.

4. It sparks hope.

“The greatest thing we can do for another human being is make them feel less alone, and what better way to do that by simply being kind…”

Did you keep reading? That's okay. Now you have four good reasons to go do something kind for someone. If you do, please reply and let others know about it.

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