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Kindness changed her life!

I have got to tell you about a life changing book - Negativity Remedy

I never met the Nicole who is introduced in this book. I've only ever known the Nicole who that earlier woman has become because of kindness.

I've researched, written and spoken a lot about kindness but I have never had such a desire to inspire people to read a specific book on the subject until now.

Nicole Phillips has discovered that kindness is not just about being nice. Kindness changes the lives of those who practice it. And, not like, it makes you happier. Intentional kindness saved Nicole's marriage, family, relationships, maybe even her life! YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS!

I know people who need what Nicole Phillips found. You probably need it. Just go read a couple pages from her introduction. If you don't think you could benefit like she did, no harm done. But, when I read it I said, I absolutely need this and I have at least ten people I could give this to who would benefit from it.

That's it. Now, go be kind.

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