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One kind act can change a life

Kindness Matters

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My life was changed by one kind act.

Now I help people and their organizations be engaged through kindness

My Story

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Micro Actions for Macro Engagement

I can help you and your organization


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Transition Leadership

Clarity and Direction

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Dr. Nybo's most recent publication

"One of the Most Anticipated Leadership Books Ever Published"

Dr. Nybo is co-author with:

Servant Leadership In Action

Three reasons why kindness is important

Kindness matters in our everyday lives and in our workplaces. We have the chance to change someone’s day better. Taking a kindness challenge is a wonderful way of moving from random acts of kindness to intentional forms of generosity and grace.


Kindness is contagious and spreads from one person to another. The power of kindness is identified in one of my favorite kindness quotes penned in 85 BC, “You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.”


Practice kindness, make a difference, change your world. Think about your interactions with family, friends, co-workers, and customers. Whether its kindness for adults or kindness for kids, you already know the truth. No matter what kindness synonyms you use - grace, compassion, care, friendliness: kindness rocks!

Accept a kindness challenge.

Commit to 5 acts of kindness a day. Put five coins in one pocket and move one each time you do a kind act. Try to move all five each day!

Start being kinder!

Get a digital copy of Unleash

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Dr. Nybo's most recent booklet. With some of his best stories, current events and data describing the power of kindness. Both inspiring and practical. This booklet will help you get started unleashing the power of kindness in your life, community, and company.

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