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Best Life Hack For Anyone Who Can't Remember Where They Put Something

How to remember where you put anything

Do you know that feeling when you can't find your stuff no matter how hard you try? We've all been there. For some of us, it includes searching high and low for our keys or phone, only to discover they were right under our noses all along. It's like our brains decide to go on a vacation and leave us to fend for ourselves. In this blog, I’m going to dive into the crazy world of forgetfulness and share several tricks and ONE AMAZING, simple life hack to avoid losing your stuff.

First, be kind to yourself. Forgetting is not your fault. Well, it is your fault but, you have very good excuses.

The Crazy Mind Maze:

Our brains are awesome, but sometimes they play tricks on us. You'd think they'd have our back when it comes to remembering where we put things, but nope! Stress, distraction, trying to do a million things at once - it's like our minds turn into a confusing maze, and our stuff is the hidden treasure we can't find.

Forgetfulness: The Wild Card:

Here's the kicker: forgetfulness is totally unpredictable. One day, you're a memory master, and the next day, you're a complete scatterbrain. It's like our brains decide to mess with us just for fun. Thanks, brain!

Blame it on Your Habits:

You'd think our habits would help us remember where we put stuff, but sometimes they're the ones causing the trouble. Ever put your keys on the counter, your coat in the hallway, or your glasses on the nightstand without even thinking? Yeah, that's when your brain says to itself, "No way is he/she going to remember that later, good luck!"

The Quest for Better Memory:

First, for things like keys and phones, here are two easy tricks to give your memory a boost and outsmart your forgetful brain:

a. Designate a "Stuff Spot": Make certain places in your life the official homes for your keys, wallet, or whatever you lose most often. Consistency is the name of the game!

b. Mindfulness Magic: Slow down, dude! Pay attention to where you put your stuff. Take a sec to register it in your brain. Mindfulness is like a secret weapon against absent-mindedness.

MY #1 Life hack for remembering where I put things.

Create a “Where I Put it Journal.”

In one place, write down where you put stuff. This is for things that get put away and are not used again for weeks, months, or years. For example - Three heater filters are on the top shelf next to the tool bench in the garage. Instead of having to remember where you put a dozen random things, all you have to remember is where you put your “Where I put it Journal.” I have gone low-tech and got an old journal from some conference and just started writing on page one. I put the month and year at the top of the page and then started writing things down. There is no order to them except chronological. But, you can get Techy: Embrace the power of reminders, notes, and apps. You can let technology do some memory lifting for you! “Hey Google, make a note, I hid a present for my wife under my office desk.”

Bonus ideas

And, for good measure, here are two final ways to improve our chances of remembering where we put things.

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter: Clear up the chaos in your space! Less mess means less stuff to lose, right?

2. Healthy Body, Healthy Brain: Move that booty and eat your greens! Taking care of your body can keep your mind sharp too.


We all know the epic struggle of losing stuff and feeling like we're in a forgetfulness jungle. But hey, it's all part of being human! By using this life hack and other ideas, you can totally outsmart your forgetful brain. So, let's be kind to ourselves, laugh at our scatterbrained moments, and remember that this memory quest is one wild ride we're all in together!

One last thing to remember every day. Be kind, not indifferent.

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Carolyn Keefer
Carolyn Keefer

I think you wrote this specifically for me! 😂 Thanks for the tips, especially the journal idea!

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