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Postal Supervisors Promote Positivity

With the post office getting so much bad press, I am happy to find the National Association of Postal Supervisors is working to give their employees positive workplace environments.

A recent article from them makes some great points.

  • Positivity can be contagious

  • Show gratitude and appreciation

  • Find the good in every person

There are many more recommendations. Maybe the most important insight they give is this:

As a supervisor, your attitude and work ethic set the tone for others in the workplace because your employees naturally look to you for leadership on a daily basis.

I’ve been studying how to apply micro-actions of kindness to negative workplace situations. Nicole and I have identified 30 micro-actions, actions so small any of us can do them, that raise positivity. It’s like a candle that instantly eliminates darkness in a dark room when it is lit. Positivity pushes out negativity. It may not happen all at once. And some situations require more work.

The great news is there are small, micro-actions of kindness we can do to bring about workplace positivity.

Here is a page from our workbook you can use to start making your workplace more positive.

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell me your #1 takeaway from this post and how you plan to use it in your workplace?

Want more? Click here for a free excerpt from Workplace Positivity with three micro-actions.

Workplace Positivity will be published in early March 2021.

For a free excerpt or to learn more about the work I am doing, go to

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