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Which company committed to 30,000 acts of positivity?

I’m a firm believer in doing micro-actions of kindness in companies to eliminate negativity. But, sometimes, companies go big with their acts of kindness and positivity. There is no better time for big acts than during a crisis. That is just what FIGS decided to do.

Just before I tell you what they are doing, let me give you three quick points worth considering.

1. What FIGS is doing.

2. Why it matters right now.

3. How such acts improve a company’s culture.


1. What FIGS is doing.

FIGS has committed to donating 30,000 sets of scrubs to hospitals!

Jenny Seyfried, FIGS VP of Brand says, “Donating scrubs to healthcare providers in need is part of our DNA.” This is only the beginning for FIGS. During this pandemic they pan to continue innovating and finding solutions for the healthcare community.

2. Why it matters right now.

It couldn’t come at a better time. According to, “Emergency physicians and other health care workers are facing severe shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE)—like N95 masks, gowns, face shields and eye wear—leaving millions of at risk in the midst of this outbreak.”

3. How such acts improve a company’s culture.

The scientific benefits behind acts of kindness include an increase in energy, happiness, lifespan, pleasure, serotonin and the love hormone! Likewise, being kind can also decrease pain, stress, anxiety, depression and blood pressure.

Ricoh brings these personal benefits into the workplace with their values of “Love your neighbor; Love your work and Love your country.” This is their intentional effort to promote and support the ethos of kindness through their company culture.


How to get started with positivity in your organization

A couple years ago, my writing partner, Nicole Phillips, and I turned our passions and interests in kindness toward companies and organizations. We combed through hundreds of suggestions and best practices we have received and developed during our speaking and coaching careers. We settled on 30 micro-actions of kindness any of us can do. These are actions so small they will fit into any busy manager or supervisor’s schedule. Some are self-reflective, some have instant impact on others and some are just fun. We collected them along with stories and data to support them. Then, we created personal worksheets for each micro-action. We took all of that and put it into an oversized guide and workbook called Workplace Positivity.

Workplace Positivity

Nicole and I devote much of our time to training management teams and leaders to eliminate negativity by personally practicing some of these micro-actions of kindness. These aren’t sleepy mandatory sessions. We bring the vibrant joy that comes with sharing kindness. We have more stories, more insights, and more micro-actions than any company, organization, or team can possibly use.

Every story, insight and action we share with your team will multiply until you are sharing and overflowing with your own.

Either of us, or both of us, will be happy to work with you to create a customized training and presentation for you weekly staff meeting, quarterly training event, or annual conference. We have presentations from an hour to multiple days.

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell me your #1 takeaway from this post and how you plan to use it in your workplace?

Want more? Click here for a free excerpt from Workplace Positivity with three micro-actions.

Workplace Positivity will be published in early March 2021.

For a free excerpt or to learn more about the work I am doing, go to

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Mar 04, 2021

Thank you for sharing Neal-and love the quote on their sticker "United we are Stronger"!

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